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BiOrb combines the looks of a traditional fish bowl with the performance of a 'hi-tech' aquarium.

biOrb's stylish, globe shaped design will prove an eye-catching feature in any location. This together with its low maintenance and strong, safe construction will appeal to all age groups in both private and business sectors. The globe is manufactured from Plexiglas acrylic and because of its larger water capacity, biOrb provides fish with approximately ten times more space than a traditional bowl.

The 30 litre BiOrb fish bowl incorporates a clever and easy to change filtration system that has been designed to provide maximum benefits to both fish and fish keeper.

The BiOrb is available in 3 sizes

        Baby BiOrb                BiOrb 30             BiOrb 60          BiOrb 105    

Baby BiOrb Accessories     BiOrb 30 Accessories     BiOrb 60 Accessories


The biOrb Life Collection is a new range of designer aquariums. Available in three colours and sizes, the handmade range is finished with a seamless gloss coloured acrylic wrap. All the aquariums in the biOrb Life Collection make an ideal focal point for any room in the house.   The new Collection incorporates the biOrb’s advanced filtration system so water keeps cleaner and clearer for longer.


BiOrb Life 30                         BiOrb Life 45                          BiOrb Life 60

BiOrb Life Accessories


With a capacity of 15L the small and perfectly formed baby biOrb has the same filtration system as the other Reef One aquariums and comes with everything you need to set up a safe, stylish and simple to maintain desktop aquarium in a child's bedroom, office or quiet corner of your home.

Baby BiOrb -Safe acrylic bowl - 10 times stronger and clearer than glass.

Baby BiOrb -Safe 12V - electrical system, very safe for children.

Baby BiOrb Simple 5 stage filter - keeps water clean and crystal clear.

Baby BiOrb Easy to maintain - via the quickly replaceable filter cartridge

                          Baby BiOrb                        Baby BiOrb Accessories          

 Baby Biorb Moonlight



The biUbe is the latest unique addition to the Reef One aquarium range. Available in silver or black and designed to fit in a smaller space than the biOrb range, it is ideal as a focal point in a small flat, study, kitchen or bedroom. The lid and base bands can easily be changed to a different colour 

Made from strong, crystal clear acrylic and featuring the identical filtration system as the popular biOrb means the BiUbe is simple and quick to maintain.The BiUbe contains 35 litres (9 US Gallons) of water and is ideal for tropical or coldwater fish. The BiUbe Supplied complete with a 5 stage internal filter, halogen light, ceramic media, air pump, plug top 12 volt transformer, water treatment, fish food & a full set of instructions. 

The biUbe Pure is the latest addition to the exciting biUbe aquarium range. This stylish modern aquarium is available in the standard crystal clear acrylic or with an evocative BiUbe blue tint. This new biUbe is an ideal aquarium for a stylish apartment, study, or bedroom.

BiUbe               BiUbe Pure Naked            BiUbe Pure Naked Blue

BiUbe Accessories



The biOrb: SpyOrb Edition is the very latest addition to the biOrb range. Coated in a colour to match the lid and base, biOrb now has a new and unique look. It’s funky design and atmospheric lighting making it the must have aquarium for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and offices.

The SpyOrb Edition is available in white, black and silver and is supplied complete with an internal filter, ceramic media, air pump, plug top 12 volt transformer, halogen light unit (LED light is optional at extra cost), water treatment, fish food and full set of instructions – just add water and fish.

The SpyOrb edition is still made from the same strong, crystal clear acrylic as the rest of the biOrb range with a capacity of 30 litres (8 US Gallons) of water. An extensive list of accessories is available and can be viewed on the accessory web page.

The biOrb: SpyOrb Edition can be converted into a marine aquarium using the Marine Conversion Kit and a Tropical Heater Pack.

 All SpyOrbs

SpyOrb Black             SpyOrb Silver                SpyOrb White  

             SpyOrb Accessories



Compatible with any Tropical biOrb or biUbe

The tropical marine environment is one of the most colourful and beautiful locations in the world. Recreating this underwater paradise in an aquarium has traditionally been very complicated and expensive. The latest innovation from Reef One is a ‘one box solution’ that eliminates the complexity and finally makes marine fish keeping easy. The Marine Conversion Kit is an exciting entry into the fascinating world of marine fishkeeping.

Marine Conversion Kit         Marine Service Kit




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